Wow, who’da thunk it? Mrs. Bill caught fabricating some of the details about a visit to Bosnia? Where in the world would she get the idea to do that??? Isn’t that just astonishing to you?

Or not…

Hillary’s List of Lies

Wonder if she enjoyed the Sheryl Crow concert, or the Sinbad routine, or shaking hands in broad daylight on the tarmac with the 8-year-old little girl, what with all those bullets flying around…

I gotta tell you though, I’m loving this: the Dems are in full-scale war against each other, and the more they fight/lie/defame/find their ecclesiastical affiliations coming back to haunt them, the more presidential John McCain looks. And the more likely it gets that

McCain Wins in the Fall

It’s especially fun to note that fully 28% of Mrs. Bill’s supporters plan to back McCain over Barack the Wonder Boy, and 19% of his supporters would vote McCain over Mrs. Bill. Hopefully, that’d be enough to offset the people like James Dobson who are irresponsibly abdicating their responsibilities as citizens.

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  1. Jack Brooks says:

    It helps to think of the Democrats as a cult. I used to mean that as a joke, but I don’t anymore.

  2. Graham says:

    What enraged me today was to read her campaign team dismiss the Conservative Party’s Lord Trimble as a “crankpot” just because he pointed out that she was not accurate with her recollections of the role she claims to have played in Northern Ireland.

    Hillary Clinton’s attempts to claim the credit for other people’s work is disturbing, and such an attack by her campaign team on a respected, senior politician (incidentally, a Nobel Peace Prize winner) goes way beyond what can be considered acceptable.

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