This article is a pretty good read. Bob Geldof won’t soon be mistaken for a conservative or a Republican, and he plainly lays out his severe misgivings about Iraq. But credit where it’s due: Geldof is clearly impressed by this president’s commitment to Africa. What commitment to Africa, you say? The one that an uninterested press is loathe to talk about, even though in Geldof’s words, the policies of this administration have saved millions of lives. For any of my readers who might argue that this president has done almost nothing good, this article will change your mind, unless it’s so jaded that you can’t be objective.

And the amazing thing is that I knew almost nothing about it. Say what you will about this president, and he’s not my favorite either, but he’s done a world of good in a place that most of the world cares little about.

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  1. Bob Robinson says:

    This is so true. As frustrated as I’ve been with Bush on so many fronts, I am very excited about his commitment against AIDS and Malaria in Africa!

    Interesting that the media didn’t hardly mention these successes during his trip last month to Africa.

  2. Bob Robinson says:

    Though I’m a little confused…

    I thought that you, being a libertarian, would be opposed to our government doing humanitarian work. Bush has tripled the United States’ development and humanitarian aid to Africa from the $1.4 billion in 2001 to more than $4 billion a year. He has pledged to double that amount by 2010 — to nearly $9 billion.

    Who will pay for this? You and me! Is this where we want our tax dollars to go? Isn’t the government supposed to get out of this humanitarian aid business and leave that to individuals to do with their charitable giving? You’re sounding like one of them thar liberals!!!

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