This article is so dead-on that I wish I’d written it, but it’s Kathleen Parker’s, describing the cult of Obama:

Messiah Obama

It’s truly eerie watching the reaction to Obama’s campaign. I’m going to write more later, but this article serves as a good explanation, I think, of what’s going on.

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  1. Jack Brooks says:

    Socialists look for messianic candidates, because, as humanists, their faith is in Man in the aggregate. This outlook is worsened if the Socialist is an agnostic or atheist, since then the Socialist’s delusion isn’t hampered or softened by any faith in a God who is higher than Man’s aggregate powers. Government power is the highest form of Man’s aggregate powers (followed only by educational institutions). Resultantly, anyone who looks like a master of the State is hailed as a Savior. The leader becomes like the Roman emperors of old, who eventually went from claiming Jupiter’s blessings to claiming to be the living vessels of Jupiter. Such a politician turns from advocate to avatar — a representative, a living sacrament — of Man in the aggregate. At that point a political party croisses over the line into being a religious cult.

  2. Don says:

    Heaven help the man if he ever falls from grace. People tend to be surprisingly fickle these days when it comes to politics.

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