Here is his obituary, and a face to put with the name:
Rusty’s Obituary

Later today, I hope to publish one final post on some of the lessons I take away from the life and legacy of Rusty Snyder.

My Name Is Russell Fink by Michael SnyderOh, and here’s one of several ironies I found over the weekend: Rusty’s brother, Mike, had his first book published by Zondervan, with the debut date yesterday—the day of his brother’s funeral. What should have been for Mike one of the high-point days of his life turned bittersweet. I plan to pick up Mike’s book today, if I can find it (it’s Karen’s birthday); here’s the link, if you are so inclined:

My Name Is Russell Fink

UPDATE: Here’s Don’s take on Rusty.

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  1. Laura Cain says:

    Hey, I was finally able to pick this book up at a B&N. I loved it.

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