Joel Osteen proclaims loud and long that he preaches a “positive” message (whatever in the world that means). Trevin Wax begs to differ—and he’s got a point!

Joel Osteen’s Negative Message

Joel Osteen sheds tears when he thinks about the number of people who’ve written him to tell how much he “helps” them. Sadly, Osteen’s negative, “Jesus-Lite” message of works and self-improvement helps nobody, but deceives millions.

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  1. john peters says:

    I want to be just like Joel Osteen.

    Except for his accent.

    And that smarmy little smile.

    Oh, and that thing of having to speak at church and act like he’s really interested.

    And living in Texas, I’m not so high on that.

    Hmmm..okay, I want Joel Osteen’s money. Everything else….

  2. Byron says:

    Yeah, but I couldn’t live with his money if I made it the way he has. And neither could you.

  3. john peters says:

    Yep, you’re right about that.

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