Please vote on your reaction to this video:

A. “I’m rolling on the ground with laughter”
B. “Where’s a barf bag when you need it?”
C. “I’m actually embarrassed for Mrs. Bill Clinton”
D. “I find this to be a sensitive, snappy, catchy, well-written piece that musically depicts such warmth and truth”

I expect this to be the final step in winning the Socialist nomination (for Barack the Wonder Boy)…

Update: Actually, I shoulda posted this inspiring piece instead…

4 responses »

  1. Laura Cain says:

    Oh vomit!!(B) I couldn’t even finish it.

  2. Deering says:

    A & B! I’m rolling on the ground laughing so hard I vomited.

  3. Mark Merritt says:

    Yeah, well I vomited, puked, regurgitated, yakked and blew chunks. šŸ™‚

    The weird thing about watching the first video is that many of them would never be caught singing a praise song to Jesus, but they will for Hillary.

  4. Dirk van de Kaap says:

    How about A, B & C? And then lip-synching lessons for Hillary (plus tutoring on the words to our national anthem).

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