These posts are dated by five days; sorry, I’ve been away on an emergency, and they are pre-Flopney flip-flopping one last time, deciding to pull out after he’d said he’d stay in (kind of fitting, isn’t it, for ole Flip?). But here are two great posts from Joe Carter that you need to read. The first talks reality about John McCain and Mike Huckabee:

Voter-Based Reality: Reflections on Super Tuesday

The second is an extensive treatise on why those who were pining for Flip were not dealing in reality when it comes to his record:

The Case Against Romney

As I see it, the conservative pundits and some of the Religious Right (Dobson) have really made just about total monkeys of themselves in this campaign, and all so needlessly. Aside from Mike Huckabee, there was only one real trustworthy conservative in this race (well, I’m not counting Duncan Hunter—who endorsed Huck, by the way, prior to Flip’s final flip-flop—and Sam Brownback, who left the race during the Mesozoic), and it was Fred Thompson. Even Half-Dead Fred sponsored McCain/Feingold, so he had a chink or two in his own armor, but yeah, OK, he was a conservative. Treating Flip like a real conservative never, ever made any sense; he never got traction with voters (as Joe points out), who I think saw him as a too-perfect patrician politician (the John Kerry of Republicanism, and that analogy goes a long way if you think about it). He’s not substantively very different from John McCain, and at least with McCain, you pretty much know where he stands, even if you don’t like it; his finger isn’t generally in the wind, as is Flip’s.

Mike Huckabee almost certainly will not win the nomination (despite my continued support for him, and this overly-optimistic assessment.) And thus it’s time for us to circle the wagons, swallow hard, and do what it takes to beat the Socialists come November.

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