John Podhoretz is spot-on regarding the issue of John McCain:

Why They Hate McCain

We have a bunch of conservatives who are threatening to cut off their own noses to spite their faces when it comes to John McCain. Once again, the disclaimer: nobody reading this should think I’m a huge McCain fan; I’m not. But I am a huge fan of common sense, and a huge supporter of conservative goals (for the most part), and a person who recognizes that we don’t always get everything we want in a politician, as well as a person who looks at Barack the Wonder Boy and Mrs. Bill Clinton and sees Frenchy-French socialism through and through. And that is why the Ann Coulters and the James Dobsons and others who are saying that they will not vote for McCain have, in my opinion, just about lost their minds.

I like this paragraph, because it boils down the essence of a lot of what I’m saying:

“…(McCain’s) opponents are engaging in a terrible mistake as well. McCain likes to make common cause with politicians across the aisle from him. They can’t stand this. They prefer someone who fights Democrats to someone who makes deals with Democrats. Fair enough. But this is a difference of degree, not of essence. McCain is a deal-maker. Perhaps, having engaged with a real enemy who broke his arms and tortured him and sought to destroy him body and mind and soul, he doesn’t see an enemy when he sees a Democrat but rather just another American whose ideas on many things differ from his but with whom he might share some common ground.”

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  1. I agree – whatever dislike we have for McCain needs to be set aside for now because the alternative would be a disaster for the country.

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