With the shocking suspension of Flip Flopney’s campaign it looks, despite my enthusiasm for Mike Huckabee, as though John McCain will certainly now be the Republican nominee. To my conservative friends who are threatening not to vote for McCain, I offer the only piece of information that you need to know:

The Only Piece of Information You Need to Know to Vote for John McCain

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  1. deralaand says:

    And that sucks!

    We’re doomed.

  2. josh says:

    Ok, I know I’ll get blasted for this, but let me throw it out there…. No one vote has ever determined the outcome of a presidential election… thus, are we over-emphasizing the importance of our one vote “against Hilary”? I would argue that we are really “throwing away” our vote when we vote for someone who is not the closest to our ideal canidate, even if he/she “has no chance”?

    just a thought

  3. deralaand says:

    I’ll agree with you Josh.

    If more people thought like this…more common sense would be exhibited in Washington (and elsewhere)

    But alas, the people in this country, for some unknown reason, seem to be obsessed with supporting and voting for the perceived “winner” just so they can say “I voted for the winner” regardless of the issues.

  4. Byron says:

    Well, yes and no. My philosophy of voting is simple: I determine from the list all the “acceptable” candidates and all the “unacceptable” candidates (for whom I’d not vote under any circumstances). Then, among the acceptable, I give high credence to electability. Ron Paul, for instance, is not electable, and that was obvious from Day One. He’s probably closer to me on many issues than anyone else, but with some other acceptable candidates (Mike Huckabee being mine) available, who are far more electable, I couldn’t go for Ron Paul. Now, if there’d only been two Republican candidates, Paul and Rudy Giuliani, I’d have cast my lot with Ron Paul, electable or no.

    Politics involves the fine art of compromise, of picking one’s battles. Sometimes it’s distasteful; sometimes it’s discouraging and no fun. But the fact of the matter is that either John McCain, a very flawed but at least acceptable candidate, or one of two Socialists (Obama or Mrs. Bill) will be our next president. The choice is clear.

  5. deralaand says:

    I can’t understand why we Americans continue to elect people who represent 1% of all of us fiscally.

    Most rich people have no understanding of frugality when it comes to spending other people’s money.

  6. Byron says:

    Sorry, no sale, deralaand. Has nothing to do with being “rich”, but with political philosophy. Socialists (i.e., Democrats) see the government as being a provider of all sorts of things that transcend the Constitution. Conservatives (i.e., SOME Republicans, but not nearly enough) believe in limited government, which is what the Constitution calls for.

    I don’t think that the problem has anything to do with whether a person is personally rich or not; there are rich Dems and rich Repubs, and for that matter, rich Libertarians (who represent limited government to the max—with which I generally agree). What matters is their philosophy of government; I couldn’t care less what their financial bottom line is.

  7. deralaand says:

    I will agree.

    You do make sense.

    I just wish it wasn’t that way.

    It seems there are more people in this country that want a handout than those that would work for it.

  8. Byron says:

    No doubt about that!

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