I was willing, as I said on this blog a few months ago, to give Michael Vick the benefit of the doubt when it came to his “apology”; I really was. But as I said at the time, real repentance demands fruit, and one of the best ways he could demonstrate the truthfulness of his repentance would be to voluntarily give back the bonus that he received from the Falcons, which he has morally forfeited. Now, a judge has overturned an initial ruling, and Vick will apparently get to keep his money:

Federal Judge Rules that Vick’s Roster Bonus Can’t be Recouped

If he were serious, he wouldn’t have fought to keep money from the franchise that he harmed so greatly. I’ll retract this if he changes his mind and voluntarily gives it back, but until that happens (and don’t hold your breath), I think we can safely say it: Michael Vick is a phony, and should never be hired to play NFL football again.

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  1. Don says:

    Evan though I’ve thought from the beginning that Vick’s apologies strained credibility, once again your logic escapes me. How does returning money that Vick clearly earned and is legally entitled to demonstrate the truthfulness of his repentance?

  2. Byron says:

    I guess it turns on “clearly earned”, in part. Michael Vick ruined the Atlanta Falcons franchise for what will amount to a minimum of three seasons. If he feels no sense of responsibility for that, including the significant adverse financial consequences (to the Falcons) of his decision, if he can merrily skate on, then he’s not really very sorry for what he did. He let down every fan of the Falcons; he let down an owner who (gullibly) bent over backward to accommodate his juvenile behavior, and he cost that owner millions upon millions of dollars. It’s the least a decent person would do.

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