One by One, Angry Liberals Turn Their Backs on Team Clinton

Best line is from Tom Daschle: “… this backbiting, bitter give-and-take that we’re beginning to see more and more of, especially from the Clinton campaign. It’s wrong. Everybody know it’s wrong and it’s got to stop … It’s not presidential. It’s not in keeping with the image of a former president.”

Since when, Tom, did Bill Clinton ever do anything that was “presidential”, or “in keeping with the image of …president”???

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  1. Don says:

    That’s just perfect. Where was all this righteous indignation during the 90’s when the Clinton’s were writing the book on the politics of personal destruction? Suddenly “NOW everyone knows it’s wrong”? No Mr. Daschle, it was always wrong. What you really mean to say is, “now everyone knows it’s not fashionable.” That’s why liberals are angry. The Clintons are no longer riding the same high wave of enthusiasm that has now shifted to Obama. Circumstances have changed. It’s a shame that our sense of right and wrong is all to often determined by our circumstances.

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