Thompson Drops Out

Having savaged Mike Huckabee, I guess they’ve effectively got one horse left in the race, Flip Flopney, and he’s anything but a sure bet. Supposing Flip doesn’t get the nomination, will we see these and other conservative pundits begin a massive backpedal, in order to help America avoid the disaster that awaits should any of the spectacularly-unqualified Democrat candidates win?

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  1. josh says:

    i do agree with you on this…. as rudy loses in each state, even to paul, you see sean shamlessly name drop him in to the conversation…. it’s pretty funny…. i look forward to seeing the lot of them spin their way into supporting whoever is left on top….

  2. Byron says:

    Yeah, you know what’s telling to me? People say, “ah, Rudy didn’t campaign in that state”, but neither did Huckabee, in the case of Nevada, for instance, and Huckabee outscored him. In NEVADA, the party state, a Baptist preacher who didn’t campaign beat Rudy Giuliani pretty handily. I don’t think it’s over for Rudy, but if he doesn’t win Florida, he’s dead in the water. I guess that the pundits will have to throw everything they’ve got behind Flopney.

  3. Jane says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Flopney flip from a death stance to a life stance? Seems to me that’s Upware Nobility. How many other flips or does one (good) flip flog his cred?

  4. Jack Brooks says:

    Is it just my imagination, or has Rush been taking crazy pills these last couple of months? I’m not especially a fan of Gov. Huckabee, but Rush’s spoutings have been irritating me more and more and more. He’s coming off alternately as a fatuous Chamber of Commerce booster, a callous man who denigrates any expressed sympathy for the poor as “populism”, the self-anointed one-man Definer of Conservatism, a distorter doing all the same word-spins that WJC and HRC do, and a flat-out ranter.

  5. Byron says:


    I haven’t been listening to Rush lately, to be honest. I do think that he is in danger of marginalizing himself due to this, even more than he’s already managed to.


    He also flip-flopped on gay civil unions, again in the right direction, and I’m sure there were some other things, but the point is that, while he did flip in the right direction, he comes off as a massively political animal who will say/do anything in order to get elected. That said, if he gets the nomination, I imagine I’d probably hold my nose and vote for him.

  6. Jane says:

    I’ve held my nose a few times and once refused to vote for one of two rabid pro-choice candidates for MN governor. If McCain gets the nod, our choice is “do you want me to slit your throat from left to right or right to left?” Hey, Jesus is coming. Could be sooner if someone hastens the destruction of the last friend of Israel.

  7. Jane says:

    re; prev comment: economically speaking. A vote for McCain is a vote for Hillary on every policy and ideal but his positions (so far!) on Israel. Either and/or both of them lean left. McCain is the man with the R by his name that acts as a conduit for RNC criticism. Another clue to his leading us closer to world war is his willingness to “work with” the opposition party rather than to stand his ground. Don’t trust him to do anything but cave to the dems.

  8. Listened to Rush today…he really got on my nerves dissing Huck and hinting that if I had any brains at all, I would be for Romney…he didn’t say it directly…he just used his usual backhanded way of saying it.

  9. Jane says:

    Rush sees Huck as a spoiler and co-conspirator in cahoots with McCain and both of them as rinos in conservative sheep’s wool. Part of the so caled proof is that the liberal media is being generous and supportive of both men calling them conservative. Rush’s claim is that the media doesn’t know a conservative from a hole in the ground. Since Rush has been at it longer and more thoroughly than I have, I will not call him screwy until I know otherwise. In the meantime, McCain’s record spells l-i-b-e-r-a-l and Huck seems to like him. Think they’re planning a ticket together?

    I like Romney’s business accumen and Rudy’s big mouth. Sorry to see Fred back out.

    But …. political cigar room rhetorical male bonding aside, this election will be pivotal — who will side with Israel? Do you really think God is either Republican, DemocraT or for Ron Paul???? He’s interested in what combination of events will precipitate His plans.

    In other words, who will side with Israel? Gen.12:3.

  10. Graham says:

    They could always advocate a write-in candidate…

  11. Byron says:

    Yeah, THAT’ll happen. No, I think Rush is still too much of a pragmatist to go that route.

  12. iggyaztec says:

    Rush Limbaugh romps in the Dominican Republic’s notorious sex trade and used Viagra that wasn’t his prescription. In 1992 I heard Rush call Bill and Hillary “Flower children”. He’s been deviant for years-wake up and smell the coffee! A working person who votes GOP is like a chicken voting for Colonel Saunders.

  13. Byron says:

    On that we couldn’t disagree more, my friend: the Democrat party is great at smoke and mirrors, pretending to be for the little guy, fooling many and arrogating power to itself, but socialism never works, whether it’s called “socialism” or whether it’s called “the Democrat party in 2008”. It hurts everybody, top to bottom.

    By the way, the top ten cities in the United States in poverty, over the last four decades, are Cleveland, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, Buffalo, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Newark, New Orleans and Philadelphia (that’s actually 11; tie for 10th). The percentage of the time since 1965 that the 10 poorest major cities in America have been run by a Democrat mayor: 92%.

    Sounds like that’s working out for the working people!

  14. Lloyd Middleton says:

    Maybe a working man should vote democrat,because he will be responsible for many non working democrats.The whole truth about the, hate Bush crowd is it’s required by the democratic party.
    I can hardly wait for Jan.2009 to get here,it is going to be prozac city.People are going to have to face their problems head on, without Bush Hate
    for them. What will the black man do if Obama wins,can’t claim victimhood anymore.

  15. iggyaztec says:

    Your hero Bush is a xanax-addled nincompoop. And lied 935x to line the pockets of his political base in dragging America into the wrong war at the wrong time with the wrong country. Any idea how much $ Bushco is raking in at the cost of the taxpayer who funds this hemoraghing of the nations wealth as it “trickles up” into the portfolios of the rich? Socialism for warpigs is OK with some of you, I reckon. The euro is the coin of the global economy now, and they (Europeans)
    seem to be able to afford comprehensive medical care and secondary education for their citizenry. You repukes who flap about “socialism’ are laughable, histrionic sock-puppets
    for the facists who tell you what to think in your MSM and for whom you regurgitate their talking points like they were your own ideas to begin with.

  16. Byron says:

    And typically, liberals who cannot argue facts resort to ad hominem attacks. It’s so old and predictable, it’s funny.

  17. iggyaztec says:

    What facts do you refer to?The weak dollar? The Treasury and the Fed screwing up their regulatory responsibility and looking the other way when sketchy mortgages are wrapped-up into AAA bonds and sold on the world market? Yeelowcake? WMD’s? Saddam’s “cozying” up with jihadists? LOL.
    You speak about “facts” in the face of so many out-and-out lies this lucre-loving administration continues to spew. What are the facts regarding all the missing emails, outing a CIA agent, Bush’s business ties with the bin Laden family, no bid contracts in Iraq, pallets of Bejamins disappearing into the desert, illegal wiretapping, ad nauseum? Dwell on these facts, and maybe you’ll come to understand the only people Bushco is beholden to are it’s contributors and their portfolios. This administration is full of hubris for democratic institutions and acts with a sense of entitlement no open system of government can flourish under. Huck paroled a rapist and murderer, which will be his “Willie Horton moment” except for the fact he’s got nothing substantial to offer to a democratic system in need of tremendous repair.

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