Though I make no bones about my support of Mike Huckabee for president, the “hot guy” right now, in an anybody’s-game 4-way contest for the Republican nomination is John McCain. I’ll tell you, I’ve warmed to McCain some. I don’t trust him in some respects yet, but if the ticket were McCain/Huckabee, I could pretty easily support it. I’m not sure I agree with this article totally, but it does tell a quite moving story about John McCain’s pro-life commitment:

McCain: The Best Pro-Life Choice?

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  1. Winghunter says:

    So you’ve “warmed” over the idea eh??

    Well, instead of some breakfast how about some ice in your bed?

    Denial is a terrible thing, don’t let the Libs talk you into it;

    Candidate Research – Know Who You’re Voting For ( The Easy Way )

  2. GoMcCain08 says:

    real straight talk!

  3. Winghunter says:

    See, the Liberals are already exposing his record.

    Shall we wait until he’s nominated to remind ourselves of the RINO that he ceratinly is??

    Candidate Research – Know Who You’re Voting For ( The Easy Way )

  4. Dirk van de Kaap says:

    Before you say that you don’t want John McCain as our president, read his book, “Faith of my Fathers,” then offer your judgment.

  5. Byron says:

    OK, Wing, fine. But your man is dropping out of the race any day now, and then we’ll have a choice between the four guys that you’ve managed to dig up all sorts of “unbiased” information on. So…let’s enjoy a Mrs. Bill presidency. I’m not jumping up and down about a McCain presidency either, but if it’s him or any of the Socialist candidates, I’ll take him in a heartbeat, and it certainly says something about his character and pro-life commitment to read this article.

    Which, I trust, you did?

  6. Johnnyb says:

    With Thompson all but out of it, and Ron Paul not gaining much traction, I gotta encourage you all if you are able to forget the Republicans and go after the beast now. By switching parties and going for Obama might be our best shot to beat Hillary. McCain, Huckabee, Guilliani or Romney will all be the death of the Republican Party.

    I live in an open primary State, and I’ll tell you guys, Vote for whichever Republican you wish because none of this crop of jokers will win the general election. I am going after the beast right now, by voting Obama, because I thinks that our best hope to beat Hillary.

    Forget all of this infighting, I still hate most of you for being so anti-Ron Paul, but we have to get together to beat Satan incarnate herself. I know this is a hard reality check, but (expletives deleted) like McCain brought us to this point and we are fighting pure evil, so please give it some thought.

  7. Byron says:

    Sorry, but I can’t agree. First, as much as I have no respect for Mrs. Bill Clinton, I consider her the best of the three Dem candidates. While I respect Obama more as a human being (can’t say the same for ole “Pretty in Pink”), his policies would be worse than Mrs. Bill’s, and I have to also disagree with your assertion that none of the four can beat Mrs. Bill. Au contraire; her negatives are sky-high; there’s an eternity ’til November. Under the right circumstances, I think any of the four could beat her, though I consider the chances of some better than others.

    I’m not sure if it’s me you “hate” for being “anti-Ron Paul”; I actually like a whole lot of what Ron stands for, but he’s never had a ghost of a chance of getting the nomination, and I prefer to deal in reality, which is that while the task of beating the Dems in November won’t be easy, it’s possible.

  8. Winghunter says:

    Fred Thompson’s Simpler Tax Plan (aka Form 1040-FRED) From Political Calculations

    “Sometimes, the projects we take on come about in the weirdest ways. After we reviewed the tool that highlights Rudy Giuliani’s simpler income tax proposal, we received an e-mail from an avid Fred Thompson supporter asking if we were ever going to review Fred’s even simpler income tax proposal.

    Since our expertise revolves around creating web-based tools, we replied that unless Fred had a tool to go along with his proposal, we wouldn’t be reviewing it. But, as it turns out, there was a tool, in the form of an Excel spreadsheet (more details here.) But no actual made-for-the-web version which, in this day and age, just won’t fly.

    So we offered to take it on as a project, which happens to turn out to be pretty timely as the Wall Street Journal really likes Fred’s plan. A lot. So here we go!

    Key Features of Fred Thompson’s Simpler Income Tax Proposal
    What Fred Thompson has proposed is a new, simpler option that taxpayers can use when filing and paying their income taxes. Taxpayers would have a choice of filing their taxes under the plan outlined below or filing their taxes using one of the familiar income tax return forms that already exist under the current tax code.

    Standard Deduction
    Fred Thompson’s proposed tax reform includes sizable increases in the standard deduction available to both single and joint tax filers, which reduces the amount of income that will be subject to income taxes. Single income tax filers can reduce their taxable income by $12,500, while those filing joint income tax returns can reduct their taxable income by $25,000.

    Personal Exemptions
    Beyond the standard deductions outlined above, Fred Thompson’s tax reform plan includes a $3,500 personal exemption for each individual covered by the filer’s tax return, increasing the amount of income that will not be subject to income taxes. For example, a family of three people would be able to reduce the amount of their taxable income by $10,500 (3 X $3,500).

    Tax Rates
    The tax rates that would apply to taxable income under Fred Thompson’s simpler tax proposal, as well as the portion of taxable income to which they apply, are presented in the table below:…”

  9. Byron says:

    And here’s the latest polling data on McCain v. Clinton:

    Hardly suggests that none can beat her; this poll aggregate says that perhaps she can’t beat McCain.

  10. Johnnyb says:

    Sorry Byron, you seem like a perfectly nice gentleman. Perhaps its just the time of year, but I am have terrifying nightmares about another 8 years of Clintons, and Hillary is worse than Bill, and I am afraid that the the damage that they will do will never be repaired.

    I’m in Texas so I have a long time to think about what I am going to do, and I hope that poll is right, even though John McCain is just about the worst Republican running. Democrats don’t seem to care about what terrible human beings the Clintons are, I mean hell, both of them have been implicated in rape, murder, theft, extortion, obstruction of justice etc. and nothing seems to stick. Honestly, I would not let those people watch my goldfish, if I had a goldfish.

    God bless you all for fighting the good fight, but seriously I hate all of the Republicans running this year and hope to God that the Party is able to redeem itself. America is our last stand. There is no where else on Earth to escape to if we lose to these commies. Thank you and God bless.

  11. Byron says:

    Yeah, I can’t really disagree on the Clintons; I guess I’m just hopeful that maybe she has at least a little bit of Bill’s pragmatism in her, the kind that allowed him to compromise on some things (welfare reform, for instance), whereas Obama, nice guy that he is, has no business running the country. I really don’t mean to sound like I’m a big fan of McCain; don’t get me wrong. I’m just a little happier with him than maybe I once was. Guess that’s not a huge endorsement. But the article on his pro-life personal stance was worth reading.

  12. Bob Robinson says:

    Speaking about McCain, I stopped supporting National Right to Life back when he was running against George W. Bush. In their endorsement of Bush, they lied about McCain, painting him as not being pro-life. I let them know that I think it was scandalous to do this – that what they didn’t like was McCain’s work to revise Campaign Finance, which if carried out might have brought the end of groups like theirs.

  13. Byron says:

    Yeah, for all of the things that make me dislike John McCain, one I admire him for (and there are others, of course) is that he has been a consistent pro-life vote. That’s a shame that they’d suggest otherwise. Endorsing Bush is one thing, but if they said McCain wasn’t pro-life, they weren’t being accurate.

  14. Don says:


    Before you jump in bed with McCain you should talk to our mutual friend at the Pentagon who works directly with McCain’s office just about every day. Some of the dealings that he has had over the past couple of years especially make it difficult for him (and me) to have any kind of respect for the man and his leadership. John McCain is anything but a perfectly nice gentleman and that’s a fact.

    By the way, the snowflakes were cutesy and all, but the falling Huckabee buttons are downright annoying. I keep reaching for my fly swatter. Anybody got any Raid?

  15. Byron says:

    That wouldn’t surprise me. But the fact is that we may soon end up with the choice of McCain or whatever unqualified loser the Dems throw our way (or going 3rd-party, of course). I guess I’m more inclined than I was before to vote McCain rather than go 3rd-party, which I still intend to do in the event of a Giuliani nomination (which looks very unlikely, but who knows in this election year?). Huckabee made a great run, and still has a shot, but not winning SC dealt him a blow. I’m less happy with Romney than I was, and a little more so with McCain, I guess is what I’m saying.

  16. Jack Brooks says:

    Huckabee or Thompson will be the VP nominee.

  17. Byron says:

    A great man (not to mention good-looking) made that prediction recently:

  18. olivia says:

    i belive that john mccain would be a great president for our country. John McCain is a great man and EVERY kid deserves to live there life…..


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