The man’s name is Ezra Levant. My buddy Frank alerted me to this by posting an off-topic reply to a Huckabee column, which I’ve removed, but taken up the case here in a separate post. Thanks, Frank, even if you resorted to unorthodox means to get this published…

Short scoop: Ezra Levant published a Canadian magazine in which the “offensive” Muslim cartoons were run. A radical Muslim fascist went crying to the “Human Rights Commission” of Alberta (now that’s an Orwellian name if ever there was one!) asking for an official apology. Only Mr. Levant, recognizing fascism when he saw it, in both the Muslim clown and the “HRC”, takes them on. When you go to his site, start at the bottom and watch the YouTube videos in order.

Why is this important? Because we had better not kid ourselves: some of the same fascist-types are in positions of influence in our government today, people who want to squelch “unapproved” free speech (read: “The Fairness Doctrine”). And the interesting thing is that these people are not the people we call “conservatives”—although you’ll hear conservatives called all sorts of names—but some (not all) of our “liberal” friends. It’s the Pelosis and the Dickie Durbins of the country who are calling for the return of the “Fairness Doctrine”, and it’s these types of folks who would steal our freedom of speech in a heartbeat if they could—just like the Canadian fascists that my new hero, Ezra Levant, is so boldly opposing.

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