I’m not sure I get this, but Dennis Kucinich, whose irrelevance would seem to be almost limitless as it is, took a further step in the direction toward world-record silliness by initiating a recount of the New Hampshire primary votes, joined by a Republican “candidate” named “Albert Howard” who “received about 44 votes statewide”. I love that line: “about 44 votes”, give or take, what, 44 votes? I’m wondering what these guys’ motivation is…but it boggles the imagination.

Dennis Kucinich has become comic relief for this election, a modern-day Don Quixote tilting at New Hampshire windmills.

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  1. Derlin says:

    At least New Hampshire has some mechanism for doing recounts. Some states, such as mine, decided to purchase voting devices that have no way to do a proper recount, short of asking everyone to come out to vote again.

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