Now we’re really in the company of five guys that all pretty much belong in the discussion of the greatest QB of all time. Two of this final list of five played before my lifetime, but the other three, including the guys ranked 4 and 5, are guys I remember watching.

Actually, there are two guys tied for #4. The first is Len Dawson. I have always thought of Dawson as a great quarterback, Hall of Fame-worthy, but the fourth best of all time? And yet, the numbers bear it out: Lenny Dawson won championships with the Chiefs, won passing titles, and pretty much did it all. The first thing I remember about the Dawson-led Chiefs was the weird/cool way the Chiefs huddled; remember that? Dawson with his back to the defense, and then two 5-man lines he preached to, the backs and receivers in front, and the linemen in back. He was a great, great quarterback.

The other is Bart Starr. Ironically, these two guys’ careers overlapped significantly, each achieving his heyday in the 1960s, Starr of course the quarterback of the many-times-world-champions Green Bay Packers. Far and away, he is the best Packer QB of all time, contrary to what many folks would say today. He was a winner, a class act, and a great passer.

All right, we’re down to three, two of whom were done playing NFL football by the time I came around. Care to guess?

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  1. Paul - SteelerDirtFreak says:

    Well, based on this post, we know one of them is Otto Graham.

    The other old timer would probably have to be Sammy Baugh.

    And I’m guessing, just as he was last year, Joe Montana will be your #1

    At least this year you counted ALL quarterbacks…

  2. Byron says:

    Well, last year it was just my own subjective ideas, remember; this year, it’s done with the numbers.

    And you’re a pretty good guesser, I must admit. Want to go full bore and guess which one ranks best of all time, according to the numbers?

  3. Paul - SteelerDirtFreak says:

    Pure guess, because I haven’t looked at the numbers yet, but I’ll say
    1. Graham
    2. Montana
    3. Baugh

    Although it wouldn’t surprise me if Baugh and Graham were reversed

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