Jonah Goldberg’s piece in today’s USA Today rightly points out that it’s not George W. Bush, for all his faults, that liberals ought to think about when they raise the prospect of fascism, but rather liberal icon Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Putin’s Role Model

Funny what a little truth, a little historical perspective, will do to your thinking!

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  1. Graham says:

    I found the linked article quite interesting. The first important thing to note is that it puts fascism in its correct place as a political philsophy. The issue I have is that the term “fascism” is so often thrown about in a lazy manner these days. I wince at the term “Islamofascism” as those using it should show whether (and if so, how) certain groups’ economic, domestic and international policy is based on the political theories of fascism.

    On the train on the way into work I am reading a book on political ideologies- but when it comes to fascism the author falls into a modern lazy trap, by putting fascism on the far-right of the political spectrum, while noting that a lot of its principles- especially in the field of economics- are left-wing. Former Conservative Cabinet member Lord Tebbit made a very good point about the British National Party, namely that people should stop using the term “far-right” to describe the BNP and other fascist groupings as their policies are firmly left-wing.

    It can also be noted that the areas where the BNP are gaining strength are in Labour strongholds, e.g. becoming the second largest party on Barking & Dagenham Borough Council, and they are doing this by drawing away traditional Labour voters.

    And history bears this out- the British Union of Fascists was the successor of the New Party, which was set up by Oswald Mosley upon his resignation from Labour, and of the MPs which joined the New Party when it was set up in 1931, the majority of them were from Labour.

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