Mike Huckabee is now (albeit not by a big margin), the Republican leader in the race for the White House. Pinch me.

So says Gallup, where Huck’s lead is right at the margin of error. And Rasmussen, where his lead is inside it.

Still, to come from where he was, to where he is, is absolutely unbelievable.

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  1. Jay Stevens says:

    And yet…

    All of the networks (Fox included..) are focused on New Hampshire and how it will make either Mccain or Romney the “clear frontrunner”.

  2. Byron says:

    Yeah, well, seems like the one thing that we can’t do in this campaign is to say much of ANYTHING with certainty; as I write this, Mrs. Bill is leading Obama, when just about everybody had written her off in New Hampshire.

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