I’m cynical about Mrs. Bill Clinton.

And you might well be too, and with good reason, it seems to me. She and her husband have made some unbelievable statements, told some real whoppers, and raised, by their behavior, the question that seems to nag a whole lot of Americans, including Democrats: is she real? That’s why her handlers have devised different ways to make her seem to be, well, real. Some of those things have come off clunky, “clunky” defined as “so unnatural as to be obvious”. Her tittering laugh, repeated several times a few months back and commented about on this blog, is one pretty clear instance. She was being so obviously over-jovial that a lot of folks saw it as just plain weird.

But you know what? Mrs. Bill Clinton just might be human like the rest of us after all. She might just bleed red blood. She might just experience human emotions, and she might just speak sincerely sometimes, instead of in code words. So when she says that Barack the Wonder Boy hasn’t done the “spade work” necessary to be president, maybe she just means he…hasn’t done the spade work necessary to be president, that’s all, despite Mike Gallagher’s silliness. And maybe when she tears up on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, she wasn’t acting (as Michael Medved, whom I generally respect a great deal, suggests), but rather, at the pace she’s set, she really reached an emotional breaking point.

I know this is coming off as sympathy for the former first lady (and if any of you thought of “Sympathy for the Devil”, shame on you. Or shame on me for putting that in your minds.). And no, I’m not particularly sympathetic toward her, because I often doubt her genuineness. And I question her sincerity, and I think that sometimes she tries to fake that sincerity. Pun intended.

But folks, she is human.

And so, after listening to some of these pundits pick her apart on these minute things, and being, frankly, disgusted by it, I think I’m going to resolve to be a bit less cynical, even about people with whom I profoundly disagree, as I do Mrs. Clinton. Must we always assume the worst about our “enemies”? It’ll be hard, but I think it’s a step in the right direction.

Maybe a step in the direction of…grace?

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