1. This isn’t terribly controversial, but Barack Obama and John McCain will prevail in New Hampshire.

2. Fred Thompson will cash in his chips and take a long, long nap after New Hampshire. Mitt Romney will have to win Michigan a few days later, or he can join Fred. Rudy Giuliani isn’t looking real smart these days to write off both Iowa and New Hampshire.

3. Obama will then become the clear frontrunner, and absent something significantly changing, he will capture the nomination, and the Bush/Clinton “Dynasty” will be over.

4. The Democrat ticket will be Barack Obama and Bill Richardson. I’m actually more sure of Bill Richardson for VEEP than I am of Obama as the presidential nominee. It just makes sense.

5. The Republican ticket will either be McCain/Huckabee, or Huckabee/McCain. I’m hoping for the latter, of course, but that’s what I see happening.

Of course, if I’m wrong, it won’t be the first time, even this campaign (yeah, I wrote McCain off less than a month ago. Sue me.).

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