This is the final post before we commence with the top ten quarterbacks of all time, because there are…uh…twelve top ten quarterbacks of all time (there exists, by my formula, a three-way tie for 10th).

The 14th-ranked quarterback of all time is Dan Marino. I still remember working for McKee Baking Company (that’s “Little Debbie”, and yes, I have actually shaken the hand of the “Little Debbie”), working with a guy named…Jeff? Anyway, “Jeff” was a big, big Miami Dolphins fan, and this was 1983, spring, and I still remember how dismayed “Jeff” was the day after Miami drafted this dork Dan Marino in the first round. Though I left McKee not long thereafter, and thus never was a fellow employee of his when Marino actually played for the Dolphins, I’ve wondered how quickly “Jeff” changed his tune. Worked out fairly well for the Fish, in my humble opinion, and Dan Marino, despite never winning the Big Game, was a great quarterback.

13th on our list is Steve Young. Steve remains, to this day, the highest-rated lifetime passer in NFL history, and thus deserves a ranking this high, even if his name doesn’t spring to mind as quickly as some of the guys we’ve already named. He supplemented his tremendous ranking with some championships with the 49’ers, of course. One wonders how highly Steve Young might have ranked if he hadn’t begun his career in the USFL, or if he hadn’t been a backup to Joe Montana for awhile. Additionally, Steve Young was a threat with his feet, a running QB before running QBs were in vogue. He could beat you a lot of ways, and the talent level didn’t drop off too much at all when Joe Montana went to KC.

OK, now we’ve got all the QBs between 10 and 20 (given that, as I’ve said, we have that three-way going on for 10th, so that there are still twelve quarterbacks to go. Let’s review:

13. Steve Young
14. Dan Marino
15. Brett Favre
16. Y.A. Tittle
17. John Elway (tie)
17. Charlie Conerly (tie)
19. Tom Brady (for now)
20. Terry Bradshaw (tie)
20. Norm Van Brocklin (tie)
20. Dan Fouts (tie)

Tomorrow, we begin the top ten with those three tenth-place QBs.

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