My friend and occasional commenter, Mike from Page 132, recently ranked his presidential contenders from top to bottom, preference-wise, on his blog. Mike is a Christ-follower whose politics is considerably different from mine; if he’d read here more often, I’m sure I’d convert him. Just kidding, Mike! Anyway, he likes Bill Richardson, who I will agree is the most-qualified of the Democrat candidates (not that I’d dream of supporting him, or of him having any chance at all of actually winning). But I told Mike that I thought I’d follow his lead and do the same on my blog, listing my presidential choices from top to bottom. So here goes, on the eve of Mike Huckabee’s come-from-way-behind win in the Iowa caucuses:

1. Mike Huckabee
Everybody who reads this blog knows that I was Huckabee, when Huckabee wasn’t cool. Now Mike has catapulted himself into serious contention, and I’m working for his election. I don’t agree with Mike on everything, but I trust him more than I trust any other candidate to actually do what he says he is going to do. And most of what he says he’ll do, I like.

2. Duncan Hunter
Great guy. No chance.

3. Ron Paul
I’m not a “Pauliac”, although if you really pinned me down on the issues, I might find myself in agreement with Ron more even that with Huck (that’s the libertarian side in me rising to the fore). What I don’t like about Ron is his stance on Iraq (even though I agree we shouldn’t have gone in), and the fact that he has no chance, so I’m not going to waste my support. I hear the catcalls now from the Pauliacs, and I hear them saying “but you supported Huckabee, when he had no chance!” Ah, but my friends, I thought he had a chance all along—and at least on that point, I’ve been vindicated—whereas I’ve never thought Paul did, don’t now, and never will—because he doesn’t.

4. Fred Thompson
Sure, I could vote for Fred, but Fred’s not going to be president, has no chance now that he’s managed to squander tons of goodwill and support by running a somnambulent campaign.

5. John McCain
I could vote for John, though I don’t really trust him to stick to conservative principles, don’t believe he’s really a conservative, don’t like McCain/Feingold, etc. But I do respect him as a true patriot, and believe he’d make a great Secretary of State or of Defense in the Huckabee administration, because we need John’s wisdom on foreign affairs in the dangerous world in which we live.

6. Mitt Romney
I just don’t trust this guy, with his flipping and flopping all over the place when it comes to issues, and I don’t like the fact that he’s really gone negative recently. If he can’t win Iowa, having poured all that money into it, and then if he loses New Hampshire to McCain, he might be toast. But again, his stock has gone down in my eyes recently because of his negativity, and I’m debating whether I could vote for him if he gets the nomination.

7. Rudy Giuliani
I won’t vote for Rudy, period. If we vote for Rudy, we say that we didn’t really mean all the stuff we said about “character” when the First Felon was in office. Yes, I know he did a great job in NYC, and yes, I know he did a great job post-9/11. But I won’t vote for him, period. Even if it means electing Mrs. Bill. If we vote for “Republicans” like Rudy Giuliani, we’ll get more “Republicans” like Rudy Giuliani.

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