I’m in the 57%, for the record, who regard the war in Iraq as a mistake. I expressed misgivings at the time we went in, and nothing has changed for me. That said, as Mike Huckabee has said, if you break something, you need to fix it, and Iraq is “broken” right now (of course, it was broken long before we went in). Thus, I support the surge, and happen to believe that the evidence suggests it’s working.

I also believe that the Pelosi-led 110th Congress is, well, let’s be nice: a joke. Thus, I find this blog post funny:

War 40, Congress 20

The mainstream, drive-by media misses no opportunity to point out the opposition to the war, the casualties we have sustained, the bumbling of Don Rumsfeld, etc. But for all their efforts, the war in Iraq is twice as popular as the 110th, Nancy Pelosi- (D-Pyongyang) led Congress.

And that’s worth a good laugh.

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