Now, unpredictably, against all odds and the wildest dreams of myself and, I’m sure, even Mike himself, comes this news:

Mike Huckabee Leads Republican Field

The newest Rasmussen poll puts Mike Huckabee in the lead. The actual lead, ahead of Rudy and Flip Flopney and Half-Dead Fred (motto: “I’m tired. I think I’ll go rest now.”). The honest-to-goodness, across America, Republican presidential nomination lead. The RealClearPolitics composite has him well behind Rudy, but in a virtual three-way tie for second (actually, at the head of that pack). We’re not talking now about winning Iowa in an upset over Flip. We’re talking about taking the lead, prior to Iowa, prior to Christmas, of the whole shebang.

I’m pinching myself. I’ve been a pretty strong believer for some time now, but I’da said you were lying if you’da told me even a month ago that a poll would have this result. Now that we know he can win the nomination and, according to the poll I mentioned a couple days ago, the presidency, there’s no excuse for conservatives to mess around with anybody else.

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