The two most recent polls give Mike Huckabee a nice lead in South Carolina’s Republican primary. It apparently isn’t going to take an “Iowa bounce” for Huck to fare quite well in South Carolina. I’ll tell you, the rise of Mike Huckabee over the course of the last six-eight weeks is nothing short of astonishing.

Now for more fun. Looky at what some Dem strategists are saying: Huck is their biggest nightmare in a general election. I don’t want to say I told you so, but…

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  1. I finally knew that something was really happening here when I saw all of the attacks coming in on Huckabee. Then I knew he’d really hit the big-time.

    People are scared of the surging Huck.

    Now, everyday, I worry that he’ll stall or fall.

  2. Byron says:

    Worry is a sin, my friend.

    Seriously, (well, I guess sin IS serious, but you know what I mean), it’s just nice to be in the position of being concerned about all the attacks, about whether he’ll falter, etc. I’m optimistic, and here’s why: every candidate has baggage, period. Heck, every human being has baggage. Huck is no exception. I agree with Dick Morris that the parole thing is a non-starter, that it’ll blow over. If there’s something that concerns me about Huck, well, it’s two things: one, he needs to be clear and strong on illegal immigration, and two, he needs to assure the electorate that if elected, he’ll bring some people with him with more expertise on foreign affairs/anti-terrorism (which is why John McCain might make for a nice running mate).

    But that said, and again in the context of “who doesn’t have baggage?”, Mike Huckabee shines in person the more you see him. He’s extremely likeable; what you see is what you get. He didn’t have the airplay before he got these leads; now he does, and the more people see him, the more they personally like him. I’m not sure that’s true of any other candidate, with perhaps the exception of Barack Obama. If Hillary gets the nomination, you can bet that her handlers will keep her as carefully guarded as they possibly can, because she’s such a lightning rod. Huck, on the other hand, could pull up a chair next to you at McDonald’s, and you’d enjoy his company, and that comes through loud and clear (actually, he’s a little like Bill Clinton in that regard—hopefully the only regard in which that’s true, other than “Arkansas governor wins the presidency”). I think Huck will thrive under the spotlight, because he’s comfortable in his skin; he doesn’t apologize or wiggle or flip-flop or massage his convictions at the drop of a hat.

  3. Mark Merritt says:

    Obviously the ‘worry’ is a result of the inadequacies of politicians and the political process, not to mention the fickleness, negligence and/or general lack of discernment of the common (potential) voter.

    All of these ADHD pop-up polls can be somewhat frustrating, if not maddening.

    Anywho…the sun shall rise tomorrow (God willing) regardless.

    Just for the record, I’m pulling for Mike. I’ve been on the bandwagon for a month or so now because of TNKZ.

  4. Byron says:

    Yeay, a convert!

    And yeah, I don’t usually get as excited about polls as I am right now, chiefly because Mike Huckabee was a zero, dead in the water, three months ago, and the polls, while of only somewhat limited value, give clear evidence of a sea change in voters’ attitudes toward him.

  5. Paul - SteelerDirtFreak says:

    Huck did address the foreign affairs issue on his live interview on the CBS Early Show on Monday.

    I thought the whole interview was good and Huck’s personality was able to come thru, making one feel like, “this is a President I could actually relate to…”

    Anyways, one of the questions that Harry Smith asked was about the concern that people might have about his lack of foreign policy experience.

    Huck pointed out that the same concern was raised about Ronald Reagan, and that turned out fairly well, because of the people he surrounded himself with. And Huck indicated that he would do the same.

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