I’m sorry, but I have to ask, who is running this man’s campaign? OK, so he’s got this image (deservedly so) of being a guy who has, shall we say, “fluid convictions” on a number of issues? So in the YouTube Charade Debate last week, Mr. Mayor derides his governor’s mansion in Massachusetts as being a “sanctuary mansion” for having in its employ a landscaping crew that contained one or more illegal aliens—a fact that Flopney has known about for some time now.

So now, he comes to the realization that he ought to take the moral high ground; he has a crisis of conscience, and fires the landscaping crew. Nothing political about that decision, right? Just like on abortion, he was wrong, OK?

You know, he had me believing him on abortion; I really mean that. But with this latest flip-flop, Flip Flopney, who is flopping in the polls, may have done himself in. To have flipped and flopped repeatedly prior to running for the White House is one thing, but now to flip-flop in mid-campaign? I say that this seemingly-minor incident will sink this campaign, because it plays into our worst fears about Flopney, who in many ways is, I believe, a pretty decent guy: he’s got Clintonesque “convictions”.

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  1. Jack Brooks says:

    I doubt you can get elected in Massachusetts, and then seek to get elected anywhere else in the rest of the country, without a lot of flip-flopping. I say that because Massachusetts is so socially, culturally, and politically ill — so abnormal, so out of sync with most of the rest of the country (excepting NYC, Montpelier VT, Madison WI, and Berkeley CA), that to be electable in Massachusetts means you will be unelectable pretty much anyplace else.

  2. Jack Brooks says:

    And why is it that 20th c. Democrats keep cranking out Massachusetts politicians as their Presidential nominees? Kennedy, Dukakis, Kerry, now Romney… what is it about Massachusetts pols that has the Dems hypnotized, even though they crash and burn each time?

  3. Jack Brooks says:

    (I consider Romney a Dem, btw).

  4. Byron says:

    You forgot Boulder on your list…

    Yeah, it was always a mystery how ole Flip could get elected in Massachusetts. Now, I guess we know.

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