Every national Republican poll with an end date in December has Mike Huckabee now running second nationally to Rudy Giuliani, except for the Rasmussen poll, which has him running dead-even for first place nationally.

Huck Is Flying Up in the Polls

This can happen, people. This can happen. From nowhere, to the point where now, latest polls show him to be likely Rudy’s biggest competition for the nomination. This on the heels of my previously-reported poll data showing Huck running in a statistical dead heat with Mrs. Bill Clinton in a hypothetical matchup.

This man might be our next President. Nobody—nobody—can now say “it can’t happen”, and be taken seriously.

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  1. Trenton Stokes says:

    Interesting blog entry by John Podhoretz (click on link below to see entire article):

    Bill Kristol says flatly that if Mike Huckabee does as well in December as he did in November, he will win the Republican nomination for president. Two polls have Huckabee holding the lead in Iowa over Mitt Romney, and one national tracking poll now has him tied for the lead with a sinking Rudy Giuliani. What is going on here? How could this have happened?

    Simple: Don’t think of Mike Huckabee as Mike Huckabee. Think of Mike Huckabee as Fred Thompson…..


  2. Byron says:

    I’d say that what Kristol says is pretty obvious; his strides in November were enormous, and he’d be running away with it if he made the same in December. I don’t, by the way, look for that to happen. One, he’ll come under massive scrutiny; he’s not under the radar anymore. Two, that’s just more momentum in a two-month period than I think we’ve ever seen any candidate muster (I could be wrong, of course, but that’s my impression).

  3. Graham says:

    I have seen something very similar, as it is the second anniversary of David Cameron becoming Conservative party leader.

    If you’d suggested this three months earlier to then, I would have laughed. Three months before that, I would have said “Who’s David Cameron?”

    But sometimes, a candidate just has that indefinable something, they find the right moment, the right timing, and grab the chance with both hands.

    The thing I would add is that the Cameron experience has shown that, even if the defeated candidates are supportive of the winner, there will be grumbling in the ranks. Every tiny setback will be met with “If only we’d chosen X”, “I bet that after election day the party will be bitterly regretting choosing Y” etc.

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