I’ve admired Jason’s writing for some time now; he’s a guy who tells it like it is, calls ’em like he sees ’em, and pulls no punches. This article on the death of Sean Taylor is a fine example of Jason at his best, and his words ought to be heeded. Jason, may your tribe increase!

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  1. Tony says:

    If you think Jason Whitlock or his article about Sean Taylor was fatboy at his best then you need to get out more. Since you like Jason seem to think that Taylor got what he deserves. I hope someone breaks into your home and kills you this week.

    UPDATE: As I suspected, Tony is a troll, defined as an individual who posts something nasty, or brainless, or irrelevant, and then doesn’t come back to talk about it anymore. Tony the Troll, may your tribe decrease (though not by someone breaking into your house and shooting you).

  2. Byron says:

    Thank you so much, Tony, for totally and utterly misreading both Jason Whitlock and myself. You couldn’t be more wrong, but if thinking that I believe that Sean Taylor “got what he deserves” (which is utter and total nonsense) makes you feel better, help yourself.

    I’d welcome your further response; if I get none in the next couple days, you’re a prime candidate to receive a Golden Troll award from me…

    And have a nice and blessed day.

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