Huck Can!

In the world of polling, the results you see above are called a “statistical dead heat”. Right now, it’s Mrs. Bill 46, Huck 45, with 9% undecided.

Question: How many actually think that, seeing Huck and Mrs. Bill go at it mano a mano, a high percentage of those voters would opt for Mrs. Bill?

Answer: Nobody who’s paying attention. Nobody.

So, can we finally put to rest this “electability” canard? Mike Huckabee, who is gaining in the polls by leaps and bounds, now has a realistic chance to be the next President of the United States.

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  1. Graham says:

    Reading the London “The Times” on the train into work this morning, the leading international news story was that Mike Huckabee was just behind Rudy Giuiliani in the Republican nomination race.

    Interesting, as “The Times” has tended to either ignore Mr Huckabee or make a one-line mention up to now.

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