If it comes from an African-American? Note the paucity of drive-by media reaction to these words from Chris Rock:

ABC News — At Harlem fundraiser, Obama says he’s “tired of reading about nooses;” comedian Chris Rock jokes that blacks could be embarrassed if they vote “for that white lady:” Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama hosted a fundraiser Thursday night at New York’s Apollo Theater — his “first campaign visit to Harlem, on the home turf of his rival Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., and just blocks away from former President Bill Clinton’s Harlem office.” The audience was mostly black, and Obama said he’s running for president because, ‘I’m tired of reading about Jena, I’m tired of reading about nooses, tired of reading about Justice Department that doesn’t understand justice.’ ” Comedian Chris Rock, who introduced the candidate, told the crowd they will regret it if Obama wins and they had voted for Sen. Clinton, the Democratic front-runner. “You’d say, ‘I had that white lady! What was I thinking?’ ” Rock joked.

Yep, Chris, vote for Obama for one reason only: he’s black.

You, sir, and the “reasoning” that your bigoted words implies, are one of the main things that is wrong with this country. If Barack Obama is the right man for the job, vote for hiim; if he isn’t, don’t. But wouldn’t it be a lot better in this country if, while we honor the ongoing legacy of Dr. King, we actually heed his words instead of making a mockery of them, judging people, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their characters?

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