I’m sorry, but this is the thought that just came to my mind. I’m sitting in Atlanta Bread Co., which has become a favorite haunt of mine, and walking by outside came at least two teenage boys (they were beyond me before I saw them, and there might have been a third), but they were literally waddling along, not walking, because their pants were so baggy that the rear pockets were at or below their knees. I kid you not. And I thought, “there must be a moron convention around, because what on earth else would cause a person to so inhibit his ability to walk down the sidewalk?” I mean, fashion is one thing, and I have a fairly high tolerance for differences in fashion (those of you who knew me in high school might remember that I loved disco shirts, and truth be told, if they made their comeback tomorrow, I’d be in one posthaste). But “fashion” that actually makes it hard to negotiate a simple task such as walking? What genius thought this was a good idea? And what geniuses continue to carry on with this fashion trend?

Unless there’s just a moron convention down the street, and if I find out there is, I’ll retract this post.

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