The pointy-headed do-gooders in Massachusetts are at it again, this time proposing to usurp the prerogative of parents to raise their children according to the dictates of their beliefs:

Massachusetts Proposal Would Outlaw Spanking

This proposal represents an egregious case of governmental overreach, and sets the state of Massachusetts up in direct opposition not only to the legitimate rights of parents, but to the exercise of Christian faith, in that corporal punishment is a prerogative Scripturally-mandated. A Christian be in the right, if this law passes, to disobey it; hopefully, it will not come to this.

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  1. Jack Brooks says:

    This should be opposed in the courts on 1st Amendment grounds.

  2. Byron says:

    Yeah, I think that goes without saying. At this point, it’s just an idea, and I doubt that the climate, even in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, is quite ready for this yet, but you never know in a place like that.

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