Nothing will.

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  1. Trenton Stokes says:

    That’s wut I’m talkin’ ’bout!

  2. Jack Brooks says:

    Too funny! But does the humor of it trivialize Huckabee’s actual stands on the stuff CN commended? Listen, I’m glad Huckabee has a sense of humor — the other guys are stiff as old gray boards (esp. Dead Fred). Maybe the humor will work, but Mike doesn’t want to be seen as the “joker” candidate.

  3. Deering says:

    Didn’t the Randy “the Macho Man” Savage endorse Huck today?

  4. Jack Brooks says:

    What is Huckabee’s actual record on taxes in Arkansas? I read what a profilgate spender he was, but I also suspect those stories are being planted by Romney and Giuliani people (and Ron Paul cultists).

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