American Research Group, Iowa Poll, November 10-14

Prediction: Within two weeks, Mike Huckabee, at zero percent in March, one percent in July, and four percent as late as September, will take over the lead in some Iowa polls. The man is red-hot; his message is connecting; people are seeing him as the conservative with vision and values that can do a whole lot with a little bit (money) and despite the skepticism of people who ought to be jumping onboard (and you know who you are).

Yes, I know it’s one poll, and some of the others don’t have him as close (although all of them have him second). But three months ago, would anybody, anybody outside of a few of us believers, have given him a chance to win Iowa? He’s the hot candidate; he can win Iowa; in fact, I’m going to say it right here:

The No-Kool-Aid Zone now projects Mike Huckabee to be the winner of the Iowa caucuses.

By doing so, that’ll get me on record as being ahead of the networks and the other pundits. You heard it here first. Winning Iowa won’t make him the front-runner (yet), but the boost it’ll give him will be enormous. And people who keep singing the “I’d support him, but he can’t win the nomination” or “I’d support him, but he can’t win the election” song are going to feel a little silly…

Game on, boys, game on.

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  1. Trenton says:

    I like the way you roll…

  2. josh says:

    i dont spport him and i dont think he can win… you can put that on the record…

  3. Byron says:

    OK…and you like??? Ron Paul?

    Yeah, he can win.

  4. josh says:

    yes, i do like ron paul, do I think he can win? not really…. but I will vote for him as long as his name is on the ballet…. huckabee’s view of the government scares me, as does his record in arkansas….his spending is out of control and his views(and lack of real ideas) on iraq, health care, the size of the government, and immigration do not excite me….sure, he’s a nice guy with strong morals, but that’s what we have in the white house right now…..

    of the “front runners” i’d have to go with thompson at this point, but i cant say that i’d vote for him….

  5. Deering says:

    I think Huckabee can win. He’s the most complete candidate from a Republican viewpoint in the race. All the other candidates are either one-trick-ponies or so squishy they make lousy candidates. Like Paul – he’s a one-trick-pony. The ONLY reason he gets any air-time and money is because he’s anti-war. Thompson is a big squish and so is Romney. Guliani is a one-trick-pony (but his trick is better than Paul’s).

    Besides his postion on the issues, what really impresses me about Huckabee is that he’s on the verge of winning Iowa without spending a dime on TV. That is an incredible indication of his communication skills and how hard he’s willing to work on the campaign trail.

  6. josh says:

    just because paul is vocal about the war hardly makes him a one trick pony….his views on the purpose of government, trade, taxation and the constitution go much deeper than his stance on the war….

    huckabee may be a great communicator but if you look at his record on trade, taxation, and issues that the government should be held accountable for, you wouldnt be able to tell him apart from most democrats…

    im trying to be open minded about mike, but he looks like bill clinton with morals…

  7. Byron says:

    Huckabee’s view of the government? C’mon. I don’t agree with every thing the man has done, but working with a Democrat-controlled legislature, he got a lot done in Arkansas, and was seen as a very effective executive there. His spending is out of control? I don’t think so. Size of government? Ditto. Yes, Ron Paul, with his libertarian approach, has some commendable qualities. But while some may think Huckabee is unelectable, at least he’s got a shot; I think that your idealism (you wouldn’t vote for Thompson?), while admirable, has caused you to dismiss some common sense possibilities. You’re telling me that in the general election, Thompson or Huckabee, say, against Mrs. Bill, you wouldn’t go with one of those guys? C’mon.

  8. josh says:

    byron ~ im just saying that i dont like a lot of what i see in huckabee… i think folks are too quick to jump in with him because he has a few good sound bytes and is a Christian….. i guess my point would be that i think there are more important issues(to me) than wether the persident believes in creation or is pro-life…. and on these issues mike ranks below pual and thompson in my book…. thats all

    now you can say that it does matter because of the judges they will appoint, but i hardly think that any of the republicans are going to stray far from their base and appoint an extream pro-choice judge..

  9. Byron says:

    Try harder, dude, try harder. He was the first candidate (and one of the few yet) on the Fair Tax bandwagon. This eliminates the IRS, and puts more control in the hands of citizens. Granted, that doesn’t touch the spending end of the equation, but think what tremendous good eliminating the IRS would prove to be for starters. He didn’t do everything in Arkansas I might have liked vis a vis taxation, but “Bill Clinton with morals”? Please, dude.

  10. Thaddeus says:


    First of all I’d like to say thank you for running a pro-Huckabee blog. It is thanks to the efforts of dedicated citizens like you that Mr. Huckabee has been rising rapidly in the polls.

    The reason I am writing you is to inform you of my own effort. I have created a website,, challenging every Huckabee supporter to give $100 or more on November 20th (Children’s Day). Check it out and then, if it is not too much trouble, would you do a shot writeup about the effort and post it on your blog? Be sure to link to and together we can make a big impact on this date.

    If you have any questions/concerns, please email me at

    Thank you for your time and efforts,
    Thaddeus Billman

    P.S. There are also some banners ads to support this effort at in case you want to place a graphical link to the site.

  11. Don says:


    To be fair, I saw an interview just this morning with Bob Novak who characterized Mike Huckubee as a “fiscal liberal”. Those were his exact words. His biggest criticism was Mike’s taxation and spending policies, and on that basis he could not support Huckabee for the White House. Novak’s remarks seem to back up what Josh is saying about him looking like Bill Clinton with morals.

    And if your hanging your hat on the so called “Fair Tax”, let’s be realistic here. That’s got about as much chance of happening a constitutional amendment on abortion. I’m not saying I wouldn’t vote for Huckabee, but let’s not bury our heads in the sand. We need to recognize what we’re getting.

  12. Byron says:

    Fiscal liberal? That’s not the first dumb thing Bob Novak has ever said, and probably won’t be the last. Mike, as I’ve said before, probably made some decisions I wouldn’t have made—and what politician is perfect?—but I think that’s an over-the-top characterization.

    As to the FairTax, whether it ever gets enacted or not (and all ideas have to start somewhere; whose to say it’ll never happen?), it signals his willingness to let us have more say in our money, in contrast to the liberals.

  13. Don says:

    Question then: would you have said that same things 8 years ago about George W. Bush?

  14. Byron says:

    Yeah, I would, that’s true—and I’da been wrong in that case, that’s for sure. He’s been a disappointment fiscally. I’d like to think that Huckabee—heck, most all the Republicans, I’d LIKE to think—have learned from the fiasco of the last 8 years spending-wise. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to find out, because 4 years of Mrs. Bill, the Wonder Boy, or the Prettiest Candidate, too scary for words. But you know that.

  15. Graham says:

    What I have noticed here over the past few days is that suddenly Mike Huckabee has become the Big News Story about the elections.

    Both London’s “Daily Telegraph” (on the conservative side) and “The Independent” (on the left-wing side) have run articles about an Iowa dead heat.

    A few weeks ago, he wouldn’t even had been mentioned.



  17. eric says:

    I disagree with Huckabee’s stance on immigration and spending. Either he will give scholarships to illegals and other kids miss out, or he will increase spending like he did in Arkansas. I’m against abortion, but so are other candidate that are more responsible with my money.

  18. Byron says:


    Have you read Huckabee’s recently-released statement on immigration? I think it’s pretty good. Also, he won’t be in the position of giving scholarships to children of illegals if he’s president, as he was as governor. I concede the spending concern, I really do; it’s my area of greatest unease about Huck. That said, and perhaps I’m too optimistic, but I’d like to think that all the Republicans have learned from the lessons of the 2006 elections.

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