Bonds Indicted on Perjury, Obstruction of Justice Charges

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  1. Chris says:

    I think what makes this so disgusting is not just the fact that he cheated, but included is his entire attitude. He’ll lie and cheat which is worse than cheating and ‘fessing up in my opinion. Baseball (and this country as a whole) is so forgiving that he might have had more sympathy had he confessed. That’s a whole other can of worms and a sad state we’re in today where dishonesty can easily be shrugged off.

  2. Deering says:

    Byron – I completely agree. And I just read where you are “radically intolerant of the designated hitter”. We, my blogoshere friend, are kindred spirits.


  3. Byron says:

    The DH is, in fact, a Soviet plot to destroy America.

    It has worked.

  4. Deering says:

    Indeed, I too believe that the DH (along with astroturf) represents all that is wrong with America. It signifies a sense of entitlement encourages a non-competitive work ethic. It is very Stalinesque.

    I was raised in Cincinnati and of course a huge Reds fan. Now I live an hour south of Cleveland and I’m in the midst of Indians fans. Now these people do love the Tribe, but they will not have a logical discussion about why the DH ruins the game of baseball. I talk about the art of the double switch, bunting, and baseball strategy in general and they just stare at me…mouth agape…and all they can muster is, “but we get more home runs.” Sigh. Frustrating.

  5. Byron says:

    Yeah, and they probably wish the basketballs were red, white, and blue, watch Arena “football”, and prefer indoor soccer to real soccer (although I admit, indoor is a lot of fun to play).

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