Clinton Campaign Confirms Planting Town Hall Question

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  1. In January 2009, former first-lady Hillary Clinton became the first female President of the United States.

    Her election victory was assured when the Christian conservative wing of the Republican party voted en masse for third-party candidate Mike Huckabee of Arkansas whilst the spineless RHINO wing of the party went with Mitt Guiliani and his vice presidential candidate Rudy Romney.

    Her first term was marked by several successful and popular legislation packages, including FCC regulations to silence her radio right-wing opponents and new hate speech initiatives which prevented 501c(3) organizations from speaking out against protected “minority” groups.

    Her foreign policy emphasized appeasement of America’s many enemies in the Islamic world by increasing foreign aid to these countries, inviting Iran to join the nuclear club with no strings attached, and cutting off all military assistance to Israel.

    Her victory left many in the true-blue conservative wing of the Republican party asking “where was Ronald Reagan when we needed him?”

  2. Byron says:

    Yeah, but ‘cept Huckabee isn’t going to run third-party. Still, the prospect of Mrs. Bill—however she gets in—is a scary one, although I’ve come to believe that in many respects, she’d not actually be the worst choice we could make.

    Now, if the Republicans run Rudy, there certainly is a chance that somebody will run third party. Personally, I’ll probably vote Libertarian if Rudy is the nominee.

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