You know, the ones that tell “when I posted” a certain posting? Like “Right after Jerry Springer” or “Right after Your Best Life Now”? These little humorous ditties are all the courtesy of my (too much time on his hands) Webbie-Dude, Paul, who does a wonderful job of helping me to have this blog, and doesn’t charge me a dime. He gets his “pay” by my allowing him to do such silliness and to occasionally post a post of his own, like the stupid one about the “Official Newspaper of the No Kool-Aid Zone”. Thanks, Webbie-Dude Paul, for all your fine work, and the chuckles that we all get from your creative silliness.

And by the way, as far as positive impact on your life, I’d rate Jerry Springer and “Your Best Life Now” just about dead-even.

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