Some of the biggest bloggers in evangelical blogdom have written a persuasive joint endorsement of Mike Huckabee.

Our Conservative Choice: An Endorsement of Mike Huckabee

So, you who are still on the fence, or are still saying, “I’d support him, but he can’t win”—when you gonna get off the fence and do the right thing? Mike Huckabee is for real; he can win Iowa, and he can win the nomination, and he has what it takes to beat Mrs. Bill in the general election, because his campaigning ability is second-to-none among Republicans. This bandwagon is gathering steam.

Another tip of the 7-1 Wahoos cap (BCS computer average: 6th in the country!) to my leading tipster, Matt.

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  1. Laura Cain says:

    ok, ok, I’m convinced (it took a while), I like the guy.

  2. Byron says:

    I read that yesterday, Jack, and my opinion is that no candidate is going to be perfect, nor agree with me on everything. It still seems clear to me that Mike is our guy.

    Beyond that, I forget the old adage, but it’s something about the fact that there is no such thing as “bad press”. The fact that an article like this was written, and that Ann Coulter had a few less-than-positive things to say about Mike (imagine that: Ann being critical of somebody!) says that Mike has become a serious contender for the presidency. Nobody is writing these articles about Tancredo, Hunter, Biden, Richardson, etc.

    Nope, Mike ain’t perfect. But he’s not Rudy, nor McCain the semi-Dem, nor Flip Flopney, nor semi-comatose Fred.

  3. Jack Brooks says:

    Don’t misunderstand me — I feel zero attachment to the pin-striped, Armani-suited, Lexus-driving, global-trade-is-best-for everyone, “I wouldn’t know what it’s like to eat Hamburger Helper for dinner if you served it to me labeled on a giant plate” people. Those who think that Huckabee should be looked at with pity (as we do for a somewhat retarded person) because in a recent debate he showed actual sympathy for lower-middle-class people out of work due to factories moving overseas, or called him a “populist” for doing so, are rich fools with deadened nerve endings. I’m one of those kids who grew up in the 2-bedroom Cape Cod, whose dad ran out on the family, whose mom was a wheelchair bound invalid, and who managed to avoid a homeless shelter because of a combination of a charitable tax structure, responsible grandparents, Pell grants, and macaroni-and-Spam dinners.

    But there is another part of me that recognizes an economic policy can be unhelpful in the long run, even if it’s helpful in the short run, and even if it is motivated by genuine awareness of what it’s like to be poor.

    But I couldn’t care less if some corporate mogul gets denied a fifth slice of filet mignon. My eyes do not runneth down with tears.

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