Socks the cat, lovable, fun companion in the Clinton White House, a delightful pet that proves that Mrs. Bill isn’t the hardscrabble, cold and calculating automaton that some believed her to be. No, she bought a lovely little kitty for Chelsea, and wrote a book about it, right? At least that’s what it seemed…but now, it’s time for Socks’ revenge:

Dumped Cat Could Come Back to Haunt Hillary Clinton Campaign

And you know, there might have been reasons why it was perfectly the best thing for Socks to go to Betty Currie. But it’s hard not to wonder if this isn’t just another episode in the phony baloney, plastic banana, good time rock-and-roller saga of Mr. and Mrs. Bill.

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  1. Graham says:

    Never underestimate the impact that political moggies can have. Cherie Booth/Blair never recovered from the PR damage caused by her decision to get rid of Humphrey. (The cat belongs to Downing Street rather than the Prime Minister, and the Chief Mouser should remain in office even when there’s a change of Government).

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