Wait!!!! I thought that turning everything over to the government was going to fix this problem!!!!

Most Fake Bombs Missed by Screeners

Note the difference between the private firms and the government employees. Yep, the private firm’s employees missed one in five fake bombs (an unacceptable rate), but the government employees at LAX missed three in four, and the O’Hare government employees missed three in five. That means that the odds are stacked against you getting a bomb on a plane in San Francisco, by 4-1, because the private firm is doing its job three to four times better than the government, but if you want to get a bomb on a plane in LA, the odds are significantly in your favor.

Once again, the government fails. And yet our liberal friends persist in believing that government can solve most any problem. No, folks, government causes a whole lot more problems than it fixes. But liberals will persist in this windmill-tilting belief, against all evidence, and the only reason that Mrs. Bill might be our next president is that plenty of people will be fooled into believing the silly notion that government fixes things.

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