Donny Deutsch, host of some TV show I have never watched, was interviewing Ann Coulter. Disclaimer: Ann Coulter says some dumb things sometimes; this is not a wholesale endorsement of Ann Coulter. She gets one thing wrong in the video as well, misunderstanding Jerry Falwell. Nonetheless, watch the segment that Donny Deutsch, a self-professed practicing Jew, finds “hateful”, “anti-Semitic”, and “offensive”. Then watch the follow-up as well:

Ann Coulter on Donny Deutsch

Here is the amazing thing: Donny Deutsch is astounded by her saying that we believe that all folks should become Christians, and by the fact that we want all Jews to be perfected; i.e., accept Christ as Savior and Lord. Two gaping problems with Mr. Deutsch’s understanding: one, the fact that it surprises him that Christians feel this way betrays in him a woeful lack of understanding as to what Christian teaching is. How can a man be host a show like this with so little understanding of the Christian faith, the largest in the world?

Two, why would these words be offensive to him, other than his shallow grasp on Christian teaching? I would fully expect him to believe that I, as a Christian, am following a phony Messiah, an impostor who has led multiplied millions of people astray from the teaching of God, from the Scriptures. If he doesn’t believe this, what kind of Jew is he? And why would I be offended, anyway, by such a belief, when it’s exactly what I’d expect a practicing Jew to believe? The fact that I wholeheartedly disagree with it, believing Jesus to be the real deal, the Messiah, doesn’t mean I’m “offended” by someone who disagrees with that. What’s the big deal?

Finally, the gospel is an offense. Jesus said it. Paul said it. The idea that Jesus Christ is the exclusive Way for man to be reconciled to God, that Jews and Muslims and Buddhists and Hindus and nice, moral, “good” people will be forever excluded from God’s Kingdom as a result of their unwillingness to submit to Jesus as Lord and Savior is, of course, deeply offensive to some. The Bible says this will be the case, and perhaps the biggest clue that in this case, Ann has spoken truth, is that Donny Deutsch, practicing Jew, finds simple Christian teaching to be just that: offensive.

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