Great, hilarious entry from Tony Marrs:

Top Ten Things Heard by Christians

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  1. Hefe says:

    WOW! Almost too painful to be funny.
    Here’s a couple from me…

    “Why can’t they just come to your office?”
    Said by a finance committee member after explaining that I use part of my budget to take students out to meals occasionally to build relationships with them. I lost that part of my budget.

    “I don’t see why we have to spend money on choir music for Christmas. We have plenty of old ones from 15 years ago that we could reuse.”
    Same meeting, different person

    “Unless we have an equal number of Hymns and Praise Songs every Sunday, this church is going to split, and it will be your fault.”
    Chairman of Deacons

    I’ll stop there.

  2. Byron says:

    I’m sorry, did you say these were ADULTS saying those things?

    But of course, you were the one who insisted on going to a Baptist church…

  3. Hefe says:

    What was I THINKING! Well, I was young and stupid, whereas now I am still young and slightly less stupid.

    Hopefully, I will learn from that mistake, and not do it again 😉

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