Mitt Romney, with 29 percent, is running exactly where he was in May in Iowa polling. The much-ballyhooed (look it up, Don) Fred Thompson, who seems to be running well merely because he is not named Romney or Giuliani, is running second with 18 percent. Fair enough.

But guess who is now THIRD in Iowa?

Mike Makes His Move

Ahead of Rudy Giuliani. Nicely ahead of Senator McCain. Moving up from the second tier is the candidate with integrity, gravitas, good humor, substance, and solid conservative credentials. Months ago I began talking about Mike Huckabee as the clear choice for the Republican nomination, a guy that can beat Mrs. Bill Clinton. He was a huge longshot.

He is still a longshot.

But by any reasonable standard, he is making a move, and if conservatives would unite behind this well-qualified man for president, instead of sacrificing principle for pragmatism so early in the campaign, this man could be the next president.

UPDATE: Here is Mike Huckabee giving us one huge reason why he is the man for the job; he has the guts to say what most of the other Republican candidates will not, and what none of the Democrats would dream of saying: scrap the IRS!!!

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  1. Jack Brooks says:

    Ann Coulter doesn’t support Huckabee; see her newest column (though she spends more time scratching up Fred Thompson).

  2. Byron says:

    The very fact that Ann takes him on signals the truth that he is beginning to be taken seriously, making some noise, moving up in the ranks. This is a good sign!

  3. Hi there. I wanted to make sure you saw (and perhaps would be interested in linking to) the video podcast we have just uploaded to youtube that features Governor Mike Huckabee.

    Governor Huckabee was a featured guest on our nationally syndicated radio program, “America’s Business”. We showcased him in a two part interview, the first segment airing last week, the second will air this weekend around the country. We produce a weekly vodcast that offers the highlights of each weekend’s show, and Governor Huckabee was profiled prominently in both last week’s vodcast which can be found here: as well as on this week’s vodcast, just uploaded this evening, and available here:

    I hope you find this useful.

    All the best,


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