World Will Be Better Off if U.S. Loses War, Say Nearly One in Five Democrats

One of the things that Mrs. Bill Clinton and others regularly protest is that some conservatives “question the patriotism” of Democrats who disagree on policies of national defense. For the record, I don’t, although I imagine that that charge has been made somewhere i that vast, right-wing conspiracy. Nope, not me; we can disagree on the prosecution of a war and not be bad Americans, either way.

But I’ll tell you, I do, openly, totally question the patriotism of any American who thinks it’d be a good thing for America to lose. 5% of Republicans, according to the poll, feel the same way. Do us a favor: go find a country that isn’t worse than terrorists.


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  1. Jack Brooks says:

    The U.S. must be “punished”, you see, for being the focus of evil in the modern world.

    In other words, they are insane.

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