Mike Huckabee is now not only in double digits in Iowa polling, but he is within the margin of error of second place, only a single point behind Rudy, and several behind Freddy T. Only Mitt is out to a nice lead there.

Huckabee Gains in Iowa, Passing McCain

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  1. Warm Tarheel says:

    Well, it would certainly be nice if Huckabee or some other conservative came out on top in Iowa or NH.

    However, the scenario I fear will come to pass is that the Republicans will nominate a candidate who is not a social conservative (i.e., Rudy), and then a sizable number of formerly Republican voters will opt out or go third party.

    Then, we get Hilarity by default.

    Early signs that this will be the outcome of the 2008 election be found here:


    And if you think the Republicans aren’t stupid enough to allow this to happen, simply look at their history. They never fail to wrench defeat from the jaws of victory. Case in point: Their last choice for a candidate to run against a Clinton was a guy named Dole. Simply brilliant.

    History tends to repeat itself.

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