Paul Kengor, an acquaintance of mine (I said, name-dropping, but tactfully and honestly, using “acquaintance” and not “friend”, as though we were in the Thursday night beer-and-bowl) has written a new book about Mrs. Bill Clinton’s faith; read about it on Warren’s blog:

New Book Explores God and Hillary Clinton

Paul previously wrote God and Ronald Reagan, and God and George W. Bush. It’s tempting to pick this one up and read it; Mrs. Bill is not a woman without a strong religious background, and according to Warren, there are at least some things to applaud about her (while others to dread/loathe/take yer pick).

Note also the first and seventh comments for a little tete-a-tete I had with a backer of “gay marriage”.

Next up for Kengor: God and Ron Paul. Or will it be God and Dennis Kucinich. Hmmm…

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