Who’s in the hip pocket of MoveOn.org? Not nearly all Democrats, to their credit, but all three Democrat Senators who are running for president: Barack the Wonder Boy, Mrs. Bill Clinton, and Chris (Who?) Dodd. Here’s the article:

Senate Votes to Condemn MoveOn.org for Ad Attacking General Petraeus

To think we might actually elect one of these people as president.

And here’s how the actual voting went:

Roll Call

Of course the usual suspects won’t stand against the slander of General Petraeus: John Kerry, Teddy ChappaKennedy, Dick Durbin, Dirty Harry, Chuckie Schumer (if there is a person on a rung below the Pretty One, and perhaps even below Teddy, it’d be this…person). Dianne Feinstein and Barb Mikulski, two very liberal Senators, had the decency to condemn the ad, as did most all of the “moderate wing” of Senate Democrats. Thank you, Senators. I truly appreciate your basic decency.

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  1. Derlin says:

    Wow, I actually agreed with something my senators did.

    Does this vote really have significance, or is it just another vote expressing the displeasure of the Senate, but with no power to do something? In this case I’m not suggesting they should try to do anything more, since while I don’t agree with MoveOn.org, I think they have a right to exist. (And we have laws to cover libel and slander, should they be issues to resolve.)

  2. Byron says:

    They’re just basically saying, with this vote, “this ad is despicable”. Which it was.

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